Steinway & Sons

Dealer History

Since 1899, when Charles H. Willis founded a small business in downtown Cincinnati, the company has been focusing on people and offering the highest value in quality products and services. This family-owned business grew steadily and began publishing piano methods, collections, and sheet music specifically designed for the needs of the teaching community, striving to provide the community with complete, dependable and accurate service. The company went on to absorb the business of George B. Jennings & Company and then expanded by buying the Cable Piano Company’s Cincinnati branch in 1912.

In 1923 John J. Cranley joined the company. Through his hard work and because of his love for the music business, he was a natural for turning this small organization into a major corporation. Little by little, he acquired more than 50% ownership in the company through stock options. Soon Willis Music became the leading publisher for teaching methods and solo pieces, including the John Thompson method, “Modern Course for the Piano”, which is still the most widely used piano method in the world. John J. Cranley’s son, Edward, became president of the Willis Music Company in 1965. And in 1990 Kevin Cranley succeeded his father as President of the Willis Music Company. Cranley has led the Willis Music Company to continued success through hard work and a tradition of integrity. The Willis Music Companyis entirely owned by the Cranley family.

Under Kevin Cranley’s leadership, the company has remained committed to integrity, exceeding customer satisfaction, empowering people of all ages, promoting the importance of music education and enriching lives through music. We are proud to be the exclusive Steinway representative in the region – offering customers the highest quality pianos and related services consistent with Steinway’s reputation for excellence.

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